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One Membership, Two Associations

With one membership, you belong to two associations: The Greater Valley Alarm Association, and the California Alarm Association (CAA). Dues are paid quarterly by electronic debit or invoice.

To sign up online today, click the link below. You will be directed to the California Alarm Association website. Sign up takes just 5 minutes, and you'll get an email confirmation right away.

Why Join The Association?

Management Programs

Alarm management programs and literature are available to assist your company and your subscribers to ensure appropriate response to calls for service from alarm owners.

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Education & Webinars

Education seminars and training are scheduled in various locations throughout the state. In addition, access to online webinars & classes are available exclusively to GVAA members.

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Networking Opportunities

Meetings at your local and state conventions give you the opportunity to meet in workshops and seminars with your peers to learn and to exchange ideas on topics relative to your business. Network!

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Public Relations

PR activities disseminate positive information about the alarm industry to consumer and law enforcement agencies. The GVAA is dedicated to the growth and professionalism of our industry.

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Together, We Can Achieve More!

These are only some of the benefits derived from membership with the GVAA. Benefiting your bottom line, enhancing your professionalism, and working with your industry colleagues are the common values that we all share.